Why a media foundation?

AW Free Foundation is the non profit organization founded by AfricaWeb, publisher of GhanaWeb in Ghana, CamerounWeb in Cameroon, TanzaniaWeb in Tanzania and MyNigeria in Nigeria.

For decades, African journalists hold the view that there is a need for ground work in terms of capacity building, in terms of technology, in terms of funding and also in terms of media development projects. 

In this context, AfricaWeb which has independently operated through its country specific portals (GhanaWeb in Ghana, CameroonWeb in Cameroon, TanzaniaWeb in Tanzania and My Nigeria in Nigeria) on the continent for over 2 decades has witnessed the challenges, the various transitions, change of governments and the root causes of media development in Africa.

With its operations in West Africa, Central Africa and East Africa as a leader on online news, AfricaWeb’s experience would be a great asset for the foundation to tackle issues such as information bias, fake news and support the development of media houses across sub-Saharan Africa. 

Our Objectives

Media Development

Build a foundation of knowledge for media development donors, implementers, media, civil society actors on best practices and solutions for improving media systems.

Freedom of Expression

Media plays an indispensable role in the creation & development of sustainable democracies. Our objective is to provide media practitioners with in-depth knowledge, research and policy and fearless working environment.

Digital Rights

Creating conditions for a decolonised digital rights for journalists. Journalists are often the main protagonists in free speech online cases. This is because media freedom is a core component of the right to freedom of expression, and members of the media often investigate and criticise state action as part of the exercise of their functions both offline and online